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Abacus Mental Math (aka "Singbacus, Singapore Math + Abacus")

Abacus is considered the most effective way to initiate math for young children and sharpen math skills for everyone in the 21st century.

Learning abacus provides stimulations that are socially responsive and intellectually congruent for the growth of brain cells. It is encouraged that kids start with the Abacus Math program as early as possible once they can count from 0 to 10. Relatively older kids can jump start mental math levels after completing the first stage lessons. No matter what age does a pupil start abacus mental math, They will have the lifelong benefit as long as they stay in the program until middle school age and pass Level 2 or higher in the certification exam.

Why is the abacus mental math program so beneficial? The followings are the reasons.

Promoting Multisensory Integration

Children between 5 and 12 retain a large "plasticity" in their brains which shape according to environmental stimuli. Multisensory teaching is the use of all senses when teaching so that the different channels will support each other in learning. In an abacus math class, the pupil uses the visual channel (eyes), the auditory channel (ears) and kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile (hands) to learn. Therefore, abacus math effectively motivates IQ effects through multisensory techniques. Multisensory techniques are also believed to be effective for students with learning disabilities.

Helping Academic Performance

  • Establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way for small children
  • Enables the child to respond to questions promptly
  • Elevates memory & attention span
  • Encourages the child to dedicate full attention to study by listening more attentively and effectively
  • Complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools
  • Helps students overcome the fears of mathematics, if any, and gain confidence
  • Makes the learner more confident and interested in school works, both curricular and extra-curricular

Learning abacus at IQ Abacus Math & Language School is especially different and will gain extra benefits because it

Creates a Love of Math

  • Abacus + Music + Game = Math is fun! ™
  • On-line mental math and progress tracking system
  • Full-line comprehensive Singapore Math program allowing students to apply abacus mental math to solve grade-level math problems faster and easily

Read Abacus Mental Math FAQ

 Singapore Math+

Learning to solve problems is the underlying reason for studying mathematics. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are the focus of the program. We have classes for 3rd grade and up. Students will learn to find a pattern, sketch a diagram, make a list or a table, working backward, and use reasoning to solve a problem. Math is challenging but fun to work with!

Singapore (world No. 1) textbooks, the California based patent-pending on-line system, and the Stanford and John Hopkins universities. gifted materials are used in this program.

Students come to IQ Abacus once a week for on-site tutoring in a small group. Each student receives a self-paced math e-learning system for uninterrupted and comprehensive learning.

If your child is struggling with math or needs to be unleashed with the potential, let our teachers help. Your child will develop computational fluency and strengthen understanding of core mathematical concepts.

With the combination of an on-site tutoring and an on-line uninterrupted homework system, your child will quickly rebuild his/her math skill and confidence.

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 English Reading/Writing
IQ English is based on the Spalding method. Each 1.5 hour class time is composed of spelling, grammar, reading, and writing sections.

Assessment tests for students will be conducted at a certain point to measure student progress and pin point the weaknesses. The assessment tests include the following:

  • Initial placement test
  • Phonogram review and test
  • Spelling assessment using the Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale
  • Assessment on reading and comprehension level using the McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs "Standard Test Lessons in Reading"
  • Grading on composition using the writing rubrics on a 0 to 100 scale with specific comments for im-provement
In addition, each student receives a self-paced e-learning system to enhance vocabulary, word usage, and reading comprehension 24x7 from anywhere.

Our teacher will design weekly stories to be studied in depth through comprehension exercises, learning of new vocabulary, development of spelling abilities, and writing assignments.

Periodical writing lessons will focus especially on writing, such as writing a letter, knowing the different parts and types of books and writing a short story, a longer story, and a poem.

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 PSAT/SAT (Reading, Writing, and Math)

No matter if you are in the last minutes of the SAT test or you want to have a head start on SAT, donít miss out this wonderful class offered by the IQ Abacus Math & Language School!

Our teachers are highly qualified and well-experienced in SAT reading, writing, and math, repectively. The all have degrees in masters of Ph.D. Do not waste your time in the low-cost and volunteer-oriented class. Do you really get the help and attention that you need? Invest your childís time and your money wisely!

  • Designed for middle to high school students.
  • Step-by-step guide the students to understand SAT requirements and standards, and maximize their potential as early and quick as possible.
  • Preparing for the SAT requires a new set of skills and thinking methods. That will also help your child in their current school academics.
  • Include two practice SAT Math tests each month.

Twenty hours may lever your SAT score up for 100 points and more. What is the better deal?

Please contact our office for details or different offers.
 Mathlete Team & Camps

The "Mathlete Team" is composed of senior students whose math level is at Grade 6 and above. The Mathlete Team will be trained for national/world scale math competitions including AMC8/10/12 and MATHCOUNTS.

IQ Abacus' goal is to help students be proficient in mathematics at school and beyond. Our students are not only fluent in computations, they learn comprehensively in all math strands. In addition to the set curriculum, we believe that competitions challenge and inspire students to want to learn more mathematics. In math competitions, students will be in touch with higher level thinking problems that are dynamic, "untraditional", and "outside of the box". Unfortunately, not many schools offer the opportunities for math competitions due to lack of either the desire from school management or a capable coach.

Our mental math students are encouraged to participate in the annual "Speedy Math" competition conducted by the US Mental Math Federation. In addition, IQ Abacus forms math teams of Grades 2 and up for various math competitions. For students Grade 5 and younger, we would like them to enter the semi-formal math competition like to accumulate experiences in a math contest setting and learn test-taking strategies, in addition to be in touch with problems beyond textbooks. Our ultimate targets are Grade 6 students and older because they are eligible for two very prestigious math competitions nation- and world-wide. The American Mathematics Contest (AMC 8, 10, and 12) and MATHCOUNTS attract hundreds of thousands of Grades 6 to 12 students every year. Many colleges ask for the competition scores and some even offer scholarships. We hope by offering the training and platforms of the contests, students will be more motivated in actively learning mathematics and enter ideal colleges for future promising careers.

The "IQ Mathlete Camp" is a voluntary service from IQ Abacus. The attendees are selective and by invitation only. We normally conduct the camps when we have a break of multiple days. Any 4th grade and older IQ Abacus student possesses a solid math skill equivalent to 6th grade and above is welcome to join the fun-filled yet math-rich sleepover camps.