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Cus (Boy) and Speedy (Little Creature)
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Our Philosophy

We believe in:

Early Learning
because it provides a lifelong influence. Learning peaks between ages of 3 and 10. So, everyone has a chance to maximize the intelligence during the prime times of learning or "win-dows of opportunity".

Technology Aided Education
because it provides low-cost yet effective learning. Our classrooms are all multimedia ready to stimulate students' learning, vivify the teaching, and reduce board writing. We understand that every child's time is limited and shared by many other activities. We don't believe that class and homework hours need to pile up before the performance shows. As long as the student commits to 15 min. a day for on-line homework, by spending only one class a week with the instructor, the student will gain personal paced progress which in turn boosts confidence without sacrificing time for other activities.

Extracting Computation from Math
so computation is no longer a burden when problem solving requires a lot of focus. The Abacus Mental Math establishes a great foundation for number sense and computation skills. The Scholastic Math Program leads students into the thinking arena assuming de-tails in computation are no longer necessary.

Diagnostic Teaching Method
to promote optimal learning. We constantly log and monitor student activities to provide instant clinics to students. Parents have equal and instant understanding of their child's performance and progress.

Positive Learning Experience
by giving rewards according to the efforts paid. Students' on-line activities and efforts are logged and quantified into "IQ Rewards Points". The more questions they finish, the more points they earn, and the better prizes they will be eligible to redeem. Students are always excited to get the prizes that they earn with their efforts.

Small Class Size so that each student receives in-dividual attention.